Cure 1L

Cure 1L
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Cure was developed for the booming medical scene where serious growers are getting serious about their essential oil based herbal medicines. Cure is 100% Hemp derived post harvest product and will sugnificantly increase the quality and weight of the end yeild. Cure stops essential oils from breaking down. It does this by inhibiting the oxidation of well known aromatic terpenoids. Cure will allow you to store your product far longer. Cure enhances firmness and quality by acting on a celular level. Treated product will maintain colour and be far less suseptable to mechanical damage. ie. less crumbs and kiff. Cure has been designed with a focus on health of the end user. It is 100% organic and completely safe to use. There are NO toxins or chemicals. Cure is made of cellulose fibres. That means you are not usinganything that is not already there in abundance and it will not effect taste. Usage: Medical growers tent to use 9 parts